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United Association Local Union 375

United Association Local Union 375

Plumbers and Pipefitters - Fairbanks Alaska

Local Union 375 - Apprenticeship and Journeymen Training Program

Why choose a career in the plumbing or pipefitting trade?

As an apprentice you will learn both in the classroom and on the job. You will earn money while you learn your trade in a tuition free program.

What does a plumber or pipefitter do?

Installs piping and equipment for heating systems, water and waste piping in residential and commercial applications. Piping installations in refineries, medical gas, process facilities and the construction of oil and gas pipelines. They must be able to repair and maintain the piping systems installed and work to the highest industry standard and codes.

What can I expect?

• Minimum 250 hours per year classroom training in related technical and theoretical aspects of the trade.
• 8,500 to 10,000 hours of on the job training.
• Apprentice will work in the jurisdiction of Local 375, J.A.T.C.
• Pay scale is based on a percent of journeyman pay.
• Pay rate increases with each year of successful apprenticeship.

Requirements upon making application are:

• Years of Age: A minimum of 18.
• $25 application fee (cashiers check or money order only, made out to "UA Local 375 JATC")
• Provide the following documents:
      1. Birth Certificate, Passport or REAL ID
      2. High School Diploma & Transcript or G.E.D. Certificate & Report of test results. Applicants who have completed an associate degree or higher degree at an accredited college or technical school may submit an official transcript in lieu of a high school transcript or official GED test result.
      3. Military transfer or Discharge Form DD-214, if applicable.
      4. Valid Driver's License & Driving Record obtained within last 30 days. 
      5. WorkKeys Assessment Completion in the following: Applied Mathematics (minimum score of 6), Graphic Literacy (minimum score of 4) & Workplace Documents (minimum score of 4).
A. Drug Free

Applicants will be required to appear for interview when scheduled.

When can I apply?

Anytime! We take applications continuously and interview quarterly.
Applicants may submit an Application request form to:

1978 Burgess Avenue
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709-5518

Telephone: 907-456-5989
Fax: 907-456-5905

Email: jatc@ualocal375.org
Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

If accepted into the program what am I required to do?

• Serve as a probationary apprentice for a period of 1 year.
• Serve a 5 year apprenticeship including the probationary period.
• Report to work on a regular basis.
• Provide your own transportation to and from the job site.
• Work under the direct supervision of a journeyman and perform duties satisfactorily.
• Attend all related training classes regularly & maintain an acceptable average.
• Purchase text materials for use in related training classes as required.
• Abide by all rules and regulations of the Joint Apprentice Training Committee.

What is continued training?

By completing your Apprenticeship you have made a commitment to a career and a lifetime of learning. There are continued education opportunities available that include various journeyman training courses as well as certification programs. Certifications are available in welding, valve repair, medical gas piping, backflow & cross connection, and the mastery certification for either the plumbing or pipefitting work process.

What is the Associate in Applied Science Degree Program?

This program allows the individual to obtain their college degree by combining field experience, distance learning, CD ROM technology, the internet, classroom instruction, and work experience to indentured apprentices and journeymen. Members can choose to apply their work trade specialty toward an Associates degree in Industrial Training or Construction Supervision.

What are the Benefits?

You would be part of an international organization that has been training the most highly qualified skilled workers for over a century. The United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters spends over 140 million dollars annually on its training programs. This training provides our members the skills required to compete in today's workforce and insure a stable working career.

As part of this organization you would be eligible for a benefit package to include:

• Health coverage for you and your family.
• Participation in three retirement plans allowing for a secure and comfortable retirement.
• Ability to work in member local unions across the United States helping them to meet the demand for qualified skilled workers in their area.
• Part of an organization that sets the standard in their industry.


1978 Burgess Ave.
Fairbanks, AK. 99709

Phone: 907-456-5989
Fax: 907-456-5905

Email: JATC@ualocal375.org

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